Banned Books Week and Casey Plett at Hood

Banned Books Week and Casey Plett at Hood

The semester has started off with a bang here at Hood.

On September 29th, in recognition of Banned Books Week, students had an opportunity to examine the ways in which censorship has affected and continues to affect their daily lives. Several departments in the humanities at Hood created interactive displays that were arranged throughout Whitaker. The Department of Art and Art History generated more than a few laughs with a “pin the fig leaf on David” game. Communication Arts featured videos of George Carlin’s “seven words,” and English asked students to consider questions like “Which character from a banned book would I most like to hang out with?” and “If I could give my younger self a banned book, which would it be?” There were also great displays provided by the Departments of History, Global Languages and Cultures, Music, and Philosophy.

Here are a few photos from the event:

file1  file2   file3 file4

On October 4, the Humanities Council was able to bring the wonderful Casey Plett to Hood, where she gave a talk titled, “Transition and/or Die: Age, Class, and Transsexual Traditions of Preservation Through Story.” Here’s the way she described it:

My talk is going to be about the ways in which transsexuals are surrounded by messages and stories of death, how that can vary across intersections, examining its odd exaggerations and brutal realities. I’m also going to suggest that age for trans people is completely different than age for cis people.  

And most importantly, I’m going to ask some questions about the effects that being surrounded by these realities and exaggerations have.

The turnout was amazing for this powerful and informative talk, with over a hundred people in attendance.

IMG_0018 file7

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