The Past Couple of Weeks…

The Past Couple of Weeks…

The past couple of weeks have been packed full of really great events sponsored in full or in part by the Humanities Council here are Hood, and they’ve all been remarkable. I’m going to bullet them, in order of occurrence:

  • On October 25, the first of the Hood Reading Group meetings took place. This year, Hood’s head research librarian, Aimee Gee, and I are leading discussions of the plays of William Shakespeare. On Tuesday, we discussed Macbeth, and there was a fantastic turnout of Hood students and faculty and members of the Frederick community. It was an intellectually stimulating discussion that was so incredibly satisfying! Our next scheduled discussion will take place on Friday, November 18th at 1 PM in the library, room 2007. Keeping with our theme of murderous kings, we will discuss Richard III. More info can be found here.
  • The following evening, October 26th, cultural historian and and historical anthropologist R.A. Kashanipour gave a talk as part of the Humanities Colloquium titled “The Morality of the Moon: Science and Fiction in Enlightenment Mexico,” and it was amazing! It was informative, engaging, funny – and we were introduced to a Franciscan friar named Manuel Antonio de Rivas whose “perverse doctrines, infernal language, and acerbic wit” got him into quite a bit of trouble with the powers that be in eighteenth century Mexico. He wrote what Kashanipour claims might be the first work of science fiction to come out of Latin America, a short and crazy fable called “Syzigias y quadraturas lunares.” Here are a couple of pics:
    file-2 file-3
  • The next day, October 27, was the Humanities Halloween Open House, a party in Coblentz celebrating the humanities and giving students a chance to interact with each other and their professors. There were spooky decorations and lots of great food. And a costume contest! It was a great way to kick off the Halloween weekend.
    image1 Image
  • On Wednesday, November 2nd, Hood’s resident poet, Elizabeth Knapp, along with poet and former Hood Libraries employee David Salner and me, read in the Marx Center. There was a fantastic turnout, and it was great fun!
    sm reading poster
  • And finally, on November 4th, the Humanities Council sponsored, along with a number of other organizations on campus and off, an event called “Living the Stories: Italians in America” as the concluding event of Ciao Philadelphia, a month-long celebration of Italian heritage in Philadelphia, Delaware and Maryland. The evening included speakers who told the stories of their families’ immigration to the United States – and so much amazing food!

We’re keeping busy. Our next Colloquium event, J. Michael Martines giving a talk titled “The Time That Remains,” will take place on Wednesday evening, November 16th at 7 PM in the Marx Center. It promises to be quite an event! Click on the calendar to the right for more information.

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